Wales, UK

Hi all at the maker’s of the best mobility scooter in the world!

Thought you might like to see the view form the seat of my Hopper last Wednesday.

Snowden done! Thanks all.

I’ve corrupted a very famous and inspirational life quote from John A Shedd. It reads: “A ship in harbour is safe….. But that is not what ships are build for.” It inspires on so many levels. I have done this to get it framed and put it on my study wall to inspire me to do other adventures in my Overlander

Also Debb will you please pass on my gratitude to everyone involved in making my Hopper, as I don’t think they would understand how utterly life changing this machine you all build is! I could only dream of days out on the mountains before I got my TerrainHopper. Thank you all!



Derbyshire, UK

My wife and I live in the English Derbyshire National Park, called the  ‘Peak District’.

I have a hereditary neurological illness, similar to multiple sclerosis. I used to ride the surrounding hills on my horse, but had to stop when my illness progressed.

But now that I have my TerrainHopper, I can (and do) go anywhere I went on my horse. The freedom that has been restored to me brings a smile on my face. And I’m smiling a lot, as I use my all-terrain machine nearly every day.

There’s the added bonus that I can also use my TerrainHopper on pavements in our village or surrounding towns. Here’s a few photos I took, to demonstrate the capabilities of my Terrain Hopper. 


Lincolnshire, UK

I had to let you know what a difference my “TerrainHopper” has made to my life. I have always done a lot of walking all over the country and especially in Scotland where we spend a lot of the winter. But I haven’t been able to this for a very long time, until now.



Florida, USA

Absolutely love my TerrainHopper so does my dog Tippet. We go every where in it.” I absolutely love my TerrainHopper. It is everything I expected and has given me freedoms I have not had in 30 years. I use mine to perform nature and landscape photography that before was shot out of the window of my SUV. Now I can go to the places I could only dream of before. To me the expense was well worth every penny. The price of freedom. 



These chairs make the impossible possible! 

They are superbly engineered and extremely capable.  I know as we have three of them and have seen so many happy faces on them.

The best all-terrain chair on the market!