I had to let you know what a difference my "TerrainHopper" has made to my life.


I have always done a lot of walking all over the country and especially in Scotland where we spend a lot of the winter. But I haven't been able to this for a very long time, until now.

~ Irene, Lincolnshire

Absolutely love my TerrainHopper so does my dog Tippet. We go every where in it."

I absolutely love my TerrainHopper. It is everything I expected and has given me freedoms I have not had in 30 years. I use mine to perform nature and landscape photography that before was shot out of the window of my SUV. Now I can go to the places I could only dream of before. To me the expense was well worth every penny. The price of freedom. 

~ Franklin Abbott, Florida, USA

They are superbly engineered and extremely capable.  I know as we have three of them and have seen so many happy faces on them.


The best all-terrain chair on the market!

~ Wayne, March 2017

These chairs make the impossible possible! 

It has given her (and our family) a new lease on life. The joy she experiences with her newfound freedom and independence on our property makes my heart swell. She can drive herself up the hill to grandma's house, and play alongside her brother safely and independently. We can now envision family outings to the beach, camping and hiking in a whole new light. The terrain hopper will grow with her, and will positively impact her future.

~ Jill, May 2016

To say that Isla loves her TerrainHopper Mini is an understatement! 

I have been everywhere, through mud, water above my ankles, soft sand, steep hills, and rocks, including National Parks here in the US.  Places I gave up going years ago.  I have never gotten stuck.  There is no other mobility vehicle like it in the world.  Trust me I have looked.  The joy of my found freedom with my TerrainHopper is priceless.

~ Frank, May 2017

I use my TerrainHopper once or twice a day!