From £10,750.00

Product Overview

The Overlander Sprint is no standard off-road wheelchair! Two-wheel drive but off-road ready! Powerful climbing ability! Allowed on the pavements and the road.

  • All round independent suspension system.

  • Adjustable seating and backrest.

  • Adjustable steering to suit your personal needs.

  • Manual or optional joystick control.

  • Suitable for users under 16 stone/102kg

  • Includes 84AH lithium batteries.


From £10,500.00

Product Overview

The Overlander Mini is the 'baby' of the Overlander family but with all the off-road capability as the ‘daddy’ Overlander 4ZS – only with a smaller footprint. Allowed on pavements and road.

  • Compact design

  • Fantastic climbing ability

  • Four all-round independent suspension systems

  • Designed for children and small adults

  • Geared for extreme off-road performance

  • Includes 84AH lithium batteries (Maximum of 100AH can fit into the TerrainHopper Mini)


From £13,950.00

Product Overview

There’s no competition for the ‘daddy’ of the family – the Overlander 4ZS. The true four-wheel drive all terrain power wheelchair. No challenge too great for this beast. Its rugged construction makes gravel, mud, sand and snow like a walk in the park! Allowed on pavements and road.

  • Suitable for users up to 26 stone/159kg.

  • Customise to monster wheels.

  • Includes 84AH lithium batteries.

  • Upgrade lithiums to increase battery range.


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Product Overview

Select any product from our range - then customise to your style! Extend your Sprint or even have a mini Sprint! Choose your own colour, add more lights or even more power! 

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