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Time Taken: 04h 15m
Distance: 8.5 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
Weather Conditions: Mostly Sunny, with a few light shower spells in the afternoon.

Terrain Description

The ground was generally firm and dry for most with a few boggy patches scattered throughout. Some rocky terrain in places but with pretty easy alternate routes when needed.

Description of Journey:

From the starting point, the terrain was fairly flat and urbanised for about half a mile before you reached the first bridleway. After that you follow the main trail through 3 farm fields. You then come to a hill that's a bit craggy, but if you vere to the left at the first big rock, you'll see another pathway with a medium slope up to the top round the back of the rocks. When you reach the top you can see the church which is a nice area to stop for a short break. Great views here, the next mile is flat in places and occasionally down hill and follows a stream all the way to the end, occasionally came across some boggy bits here but nothing too bad.

Attractions / Accommodation:

The local villages are very idyllic, with plenty of pubs and restaurants to recharge after a long day. I'd certainly recommend the Cloak and Dagger for pub grub. We stayed in a B&B close by, would definitely recommend.

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