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The Overlander Mini is an electrically powered off-road mobility device suitable for children and small adults. It's available in 2 or 4 wheel drive. It's called an Overlander "Mini" because it has the same capabilities as the standard Overlander 4ZS (4 wheel drive version) but with a smaller footprint.

  • 2 separate electrical systems, one for the front motors and another for the rear

  • This has several benefits; increased power for heavy users and a backup system

  • 4 wheel independent suspension system

  • Side roll bar lifts up for easy access and provides additional protection

  • Adjustable seating (12 inches) and backrest (chair folds down for ease of transport)

  • Adjustable steering to suit you

  • Handlebar steering with hand throttle

  • Safety package - headlight, tail lights, brake light, blinkers and side mirrors

  • Choice of road or off-road tires

  • Comes as standard with 84AH lithium batteries (maximum size 100AH for the TerrainHopper Mini)



  • Dual Steering with joystick control

  • Waterproof motors and waterproof battery box

  • Wind screen

  • Overhead Roll bar

  • 4 or 5 point harness

  • Winch with 12V battery, 1,500 pound pulling capacity and 25 feet of steel wire rope

  • Additional lights

  • Roll bar to open on each side

  • Manual or Electric Rotating Seat

  • Adjustable foot rest

  • Additional wheels

  • Remote stop (useful for children)

  • Attendant control

  • Choose from our standard colors or any custom color

*range varies depending on weight of user and terrain



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