7th – 8th November 2018, NEC Birmingham

Stand 714

The nation’s biggest event committed to providing  guidance, education, suppliers, and opportunities needed to help farmers and rural business owners diversify and increase their income. In these uncertain economic times, diversification is the future of farming and rural success.

TerrainHoppers are electrically powered all terrain wheelchairs/scooters with true 4×4 capability, all round suspension for a great drive over the most difficult terrain. They are fun to use, easy to operate and useful for estates, parks, outdoor events/centres, farmland or holiday accommodation.

TerrainHoppers are a valuable attraction for holiday rental businesses and they can be offered to enhance the holidaymakers experience by making them available for off road adventures or a trip to the beach!

We design and build exciting electric personal ATV’s called TerrainHoppers for those who are unable to walk unaided or have a disability. Our products are an excellent choice as you don’t need to maintain footpaths as the suspension system will easily drive over a ploughed field and traverse sandy beaches due to the all round fully independent suspension system.

We offer the only one stop all-inclusive all terrain power wheelchair and scooter; incorporating both throttle and joystick controls configured for left or right hand use. We offer bespoke modifications and a range of options. Some of the key features of our products are:

  • Unique tubular design and rugged appearance.

  • Electrically powered, quiet motors, green energy.

  • All round independent suspension (great for people with spinal injuries, amputees, MS, MND, paraplegics, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy).

  • Ground clearance of 250mm. This makes traversing through deep mud, DRY sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces easy.

  • Can be operated by children and adults (joystick or manual controls or both).

  • Extremely stable.

You will find us at Stand 714. Visit us for more information and get to see a British designed and manufactured award winning product.