A lovely trek from Trassanel to Cabrespine

4WD TerrainHoppers only.

Graded difficulty 2

(1=Easy, 2=moderate, 3=some difficulty, 4=difficult, 5=need someone with you!)

All paths are relatively wide, some ascent/descent.

Energy usage about 50%, Distance 15km

Just before you arrive in Trassanel, there is a spacious parking space. From the parking lot you turn right onto a path through fields. Immediately you get nice views of the plains below and if you are lucky of the Pyrenees.

Most of the path you follow is marked VTT (for mountain bikes). Upon arrival in Villeneuve, you can make a rest stop at the Caffee Keke or a pizza place. From Villeneuve you take the Chemin St Martin to Cabrespine. Which meanders past some farm houses, then ascents up to a cross roads. You go straight and come to a beautiful viewpoint. There again you can see mountains and down below the beautiful village of Cabrespine. You descent into Cabrespine.

NOTE: It is possible to walk to Trassanel from Cabrespine – which will take you a large part on the main road back to Villeneuve and then you turn right into the mountains onto a steep path. This is doable with the Terrainhopper, but there are parts of the path that are in the very difficult 5 category.

For more information, if you are going to do this walk, you can contact on my email: mzvelebil@gmail.com.

~ Dr Markéta Zvelebil