The ultimate off-road mobility device. Designed with distinctive looks and extreme off-road capabilities.

The TerrainHopper Overlander will give you what you dreamed of. 

Freedom to do the things you thought never or no longer possible.

Conquer deep mud, soft beach sand, snow, rocks, steep hills, undergrowth and  many obstacles.

With a ground clearance of 250 mm and 35° incline climbing ability, some people have called it a "mini Land Rover".



“I use my TerrainHopper once or twice a day.  I have been everywhere, through mud, water above my ankles, soft sand, steep hills, and rocks, including National Parks here in the US.  Places I gave up going years ago.  I have never gotten stuck.  There is no other mobility vehicle like it in the world.  Trust me I have looked.  The joy of my found freedom with my TerrainHopper is Priceless.”

— Frank, May 2017