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Overlander 4ZS

From £12,800.00

The Overlander 4ZS is the ultimate go anyway on/off road, true 4 wheel drive mobility device, with superior traction and exceptional safety features. Travel safely in comfort and style, thanks to the unique patented all round independent suspension system.

Overlander Sprint

From £9,850.00

The Overlander Sprint is a two wheeled drive version of our other models. Just because it’s a 2 wheel drive doesn’t mean it’s not off road ready – it can traverse over undulating ground, rocks, mud and can be used on the beach (limited to damp sand).

Overlander Mini

From £9,850.00

The Overlander Mini is an electrically powered on/off road mobility device and is suitable for children from aged 7 to petite adults. It’s called an Overlander “Mini” because it has the same capabilities as the standard Overlander’s but has a smaller footprint.